What are the storage guidelines for the marina?

Storage by your boat will be limited to one 42” x 48” pallet.


  • Place pallet along starboard side of keel by the rudder post (see example below).
  • Hard dingy must be stored flat on the ground and under your boat (see example below).
  • Inflatable dingy must be stored on your boat, in davits or a trailer.
  • Store all chemicals (paints, varnish, resins, thinners, etc.) inside your boat.
  • Storage items that do not fit on your pallet must be stored on your boat or in a self-storage unit outside the marina.


  • No gas or diesel cans stored on the ground or your pallet.
  • No unlicensed trailers or vehicles by your boat (see marina office for proper storage location).
  • No storage in the marina buildings.
  • Don’t store anything directly on the ground.
  • Don’t place anything against the fence.
  • Fuel tanks, holding tanks, gray water tanks, etc. cannot be stored outside for any reason.
  • All chemicals must be stored inside your boat.
  • Don’t store anything under your dingy.
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