What are the proper procedures for disposing of trash and grey water?

No dumping/littering on the ground or in the Indian River. Please remember you are responsible for the environment we live in and boaters have always led the way in reducing our impact on the environment. 


  • Place all trash in the proper receptacle (if you don’t know how to dispose of it properly, ask the marina manager). 
  • Collect gray water from your sink while on the hard - empty often to avoid any ground contamination - dump is located at the right corner of the office building. 


  • Don’t throw bags, bottles, tobacco, appliances, mechanical equipment, parts, wood etc. on the ground or in the Indian River. 
  • Don’t throw, drop, discard, place, dump, deposit or dispose of trash, litter or chemicals on the ground or in the Indian River. 
  • No open chemicals in the marina. 
  • No rubber trash cans without lids. 
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