What are the rules for vessel sanding, grinding & stripping?


  • Insure you have impermeable surface/tarps to insure nothing falls on the open ground or surface water. 
  • Place a piece of wood down to protect the tarp while sanding near your keel. If you hole the tarp, you will be charged an addition $100 for its replacement. 
  • Manually sweep or vacuum frequently to clean all impermeable surfaces/tarps and watch the weather. 
  • Paint chips or sanding dust must be disposed of properly to protect the environment, see marina manager from proper recycling/disposal. 
  • Use paintsrippers such as Peel Away or Nu-Strip instead of sanding. 
  • Recycle solvent soaked rags by placing them in a fireproof storage bin. 


  • Do not poke holes in the tarp so water can drain through. 
  • Don’t leave dust, chips or residue on impermeable surface or tarp for more than 6 hours. 
  • Do not leave used sandpaper or trash on impermeable surface or tarp. 
  • Don’t work off of your impermeable surface/tarps. 
  • Never put paints, varnish or cleaners in dumpster. 
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